Oh, the Final Walkthrough Is Upon Us!

Can you believe it? You’ve almost made it! Your new home is nearly yours, and all that stands between you and those keys is the final walkthrough. Excited? Absolutely! But hold on just a minute. Let’s make sure we’re fully prepared for this last crucial step. Time to put on our detective hats and get into full inspection mode!

What Exactly Is a Final Walkthrough, Anyway?

Think of the final walkthrough as your last chance to play Sherlock Holmes in your new home. It’s when you stroll (or, if you’re more like me, practically skip) through the house to ensure everything’s in tip-top shape, exactly as you expected. No sneaky surprises, no sneaky issues—just your dream home, perfect and ready for move-in.

Your Trusty Final Walkthrough Checklist

No detective goes into an investigation unprepared, and neither should you. Here’s a checklist to help you cover all the bases:


First off, make sure all the utilities are up and running. Flip the light switches, check the plugs, run the water (hot and cold), flush the toilets, and maybe even test the heating/AC. These might seem like tiny tasks, but you’ll thank yourself later when everything’s shipshape.

Repairs? Checked and Double Checked!

If there were any repairs or changes you requested after the home inspection, now’s the time to confirm everything has been properly fixed. You don’t want to move in only to find the leaky roof has turned your new attic into a mini swimming pool.

Appliances and Systems

Fire up that oven, microwave, dishwasher, and those laundry machines! Test all built-in systems to ensure that everything’s working smoothly. That dream of baking cookies on your first night won’t be dashed if you know your oven’s good to go!

Doors, Windows, and Locks

Check that all doors and windows open, close, and lock properly. You might feel a bit like a security guard, but it’s essential to ensure there are no issues with your home’s entry points. Safety first!

Structural Elements

Inspect walls, ceilings, and floors for any visible issues, like cracks or water stains. They might seem small now, but they could indicate more significant underlying problems.

Yard and Exterior

Don’t forget to step outside! Walk around the yard, check any sheds, garages, or additional buildings, and give the exterior of the house a good once-over. Make sure there’re no unpleasant surprises hiding out there.


Keep an eye out for any little extras that might be part of the deal. Items like blinds, curtains, shelf units, or outdoor furniture—make sure everything agreed upon is still in the house.

A Few Extra Tips (Because You’re a Rockstar at This!)

  • Bring a friend or family member: Another set of eyes can help spot issues you might overlook in your excitement.
  • Take notes: Use a notebook or your phone to write down any concerns or questions.
  • Speak up: If you find issues, don’t be shy about addressing them with your real estate agent or the seller. It’s better to resolve problems before the papers are signed!

Enjoy the Process!

Remember, this final walkthrough isn’t just about nitpicking. It’s also a moment to savor. You’re about to start a new chapter in a new home, and that’s incredibly exciting! So take a deep breath, enjoy your final detective mission, and soon enough, those keys will be jingling in your hand.

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