Sean Hannity Declares I am Done with New York, Lists $13.7M Long Island Home Following Move to Florida

Sean Hannity, the acclaimed talk show host and conservative political commentator, has publicly declared his departure from New York, setting his sights on new horizons in Florida. In line with this significant life change, Hannity has put his luxurious Long Island home on the market, with an asking price of $13.7 million. This move underscores a growing trend among high-profile personalities seeking not only the allure of warmer climates but potentially more favorable tax laws.

Hannity’s New York Departure

For years, Sean Hannity has been a prominent figure in New York, both as a resident and as a fervent voice in media broadcasted from the city that never sleeps. His decision to leave New York is not only personal but resonates with his vocal criticism about the state’s political leadership and fiscal policies. During various broadcasts, Hannity has expressed discontent with New York’s high taxes and regulatory environment, which he argues stifles both personal freedom and business initiatives.

The $13.7 Million Long Island Home

Hannity’s Long Island estate reflects his years of success and comfort. Nestled in a prestigious neighborhood, this sprawling residence boasts luxurious amenities and privacy on an expansive property. The home features multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, designed immaculately to offer both comfort and elegance. State-of-the-art appliances, a gourmet kitchen, an expansive outdoor space with a meticulously maintained garden, and perhaps a pool or sporting facilities, are expected features that cater to luxurious living and entertaining needs.

The real estate listing likely highlights the grandeur and strategic location of the property, desiring to attract affluent buyers who appreciate the blend of privacy, accessibility, and the serene landscapes that Long Island offers. Given Hannity’s celebrity status, the home’s market listing might indeed create a buzz in real estate circles, potentially drawing in buyers who value the cachet of living in a home previously owned by a media figure like Hannity.

Motivations Behind Moving to Florida

Florida presents an attractive proposition for many seeking to relocate from states with harsh winters and high taxes. The state is known for its favorable tax regime—no state income taxes, inheritance tax, or estate tax—which can be particularly appealing to high earners like Hannity. Furthermore, the lifestyle in Florida, with its perennial sunshine, beautiful beaches, and an array of golf courses and other leisure activities, provides a stark contrast to the bustling pace and cooler temperatures of the northeast.

Additionally, Florida’s political climate might be more aligned with Hannity’s conservative views. The state’s governance, under Republican leadership, advocates for policies that often resonate with fiscal conservatives and those skeptical of federal overreach.

Impact on Hannity’s Career

Sean Hannity’s move to Florida is unlikely to interrupt his career, considering the mobility and technological advancements in today’s broadcast world. With media personalities often operating from multiple locations or establishing studios in their homes, Hannity can continue his role as a major conservative voice effectively from any location. This flexibility has been demonstrated by numerous television and radio personalities who manage national, and even global, broadcasts remotely.


Sean Hannity’s decision to leave New York and list his lavish Long Island home is a significant step in a personal and professional transformation that aligns with his long-standing views and lifestyle preferences. As he embraces the next chapter in Florida, his move will continue to fuel discussions on the implications of state policies on personal decisions and migration trends of high-profile individuals.