Finding the right home in Spokane, Washington can be a thrilling yet daunting process. Thanks to technology, prospective homebuyers now have a variety of real estate apps at their disposal to help simplify the house hunting journey. These apps offer a range of features from interactive maps, detailed property information, to personalized notifications about new listings. This article discusses some of the top real estate apps that can help you find your perfect home in Spokane.


Zillow is one of the most widely recognized real estate apps. It provides users with extensive property details, including Zestimate home values, comparable homes, and past sale prices. Spokane home seekers can set up notifications to alert them when new listings hit the market, price changes occur, or specific properties are set to have an open house. The app’s interface also includes interactive maps and the option to take virtual tours, making it a user-friendly choice for those looking to purchase a home in Spokane. offers up-to-date listings sourced directly from MLS (Multiple Listing Service). It is known for its accuracy in listing data and timeliness. The app provides powerful search filters, such as by school districts or the number of bedrooms, which is beneficial for those who have specific needs in Spokane. also provides a plethora of photographs, virtual tours, and detailed descriptions of each property, making it easier for buyers to make informed decisions.


Redfin is another popular choice for homebuyers due to its user-friendly design and innovative features. It updates its listings every five minutes, ensuring that users receive the most current information available. This is particularly useful in the fast-moving Spokane real estate market. Redfin also highlights provides a feature that shows you which homes are Hot Homes, meaning they are likely to sell quickly. Redfin’s mobile app gives users the ability to book home tours and contact Redfin agents directly, standardizing and simplifying the process of buying a home.


Trulia goes beyond simple listings to offer insights into the community aspects of living in Spokane. Users can access detailed maps that show data on crime, schools, and amenities such as restaurants, banks, and retail stores. Trulia also integrates social tools allowing users to directly contact real estate agents and see reviews from other users. For those new to Spokane or moving to a different neighborhood, Trulia can be an invaluable tool, providing a feel of the community environment along with house hunting.


Homesnap is valued for its real-time MLS data that updates every 15 minutes. The app offers a unique feature called “Snap” which allows users to take a photo of any home nationwide to get instant data about it, such as value estimates, interior features, and more. For Spokane home seekers, this can be particularly useful for on-the-go inquiries when visiting neighborhoods.
Homesnap also enables communication between buyers and real estate agents, and even family members or friends, facilitating a shared experience in the home buying journey.


While these apps offer varied features, all are helpful tools for anyone looking to purchase a home in Spokane. They can serve as a digital partner in your real estate search, providing you with expansive and detailed information, and making the home buying process less stressful and more efficient. Whether you value up-to-the-minute listing updates, detailed community insights, or the ease of virtual tours, these apps cater to diverse buyer needs and help pave the path to finding your ideal home in Spokane.

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