Introduction to the Spokane Market

Spokane, a city located in eastern Washington State, has been showing signs of significant growth and transformation in its business, real estate, and labor markets. This article delves into the recent trends and insights that characterize Spokane’s market dynamics, providing a comprehensive view of its economic landscape.

Economic Overview

Spokane serves as a commercial, manufacturing, and transportation hub for a vast region encompassing the Pacific Northwest, parts of Canada, and the Rocky Mountain range. The city’s economy is diverse, with strong presences in healthcare, education, retail, and manufacturing sectors. Additionally, the local economy is bolstered by a robust agricultural sector, which benefits from the fertile lands of the surrounding area.

Real Estate Trends

The real estate market in Spokane has experienced significant fluxes influenced by national economic conditions and local demographic shifts. Recent trends indicate a surge in both residential and commercial property demands.

Residential Real Estate

Spokane’s residential market has seen a sharp increase in prices over the past few years, spurred by high demand and relatively low supply. The influx of new residents, including remote workers drawn by the city’s lower cost of living compared to larger metropolitan areas, has strained the existing housing inventory. This demand has led to a competitive market where properties often sell for above asking price and remain on the market for short periods.

Commercial Real Estate

The commercial sector in Spokane is also evolving, with noticeable growth in the demand for office spaces and retail locations. The revitalization of downtown Spokane has attracted a variety of businesses seeking modern office environments and visibility. Furthermore, the expansion of higher education and health services has fueled the need for specialized commercial spaces in these sectors.

Labor Market and Employment Trends

Spokane’s labor market demonstrates resilience and adaptability, with unemployment rates generally staying below the national average. Key industries such as healthcare, education, and services continue to be the leading employers. However, the technology and startup scenes in Spokane are gaining momentum, creating new job opportunities particularly in the tech sector.

Shifts in Employment Sectors

There has been a noteworthy shift towards more service-oriented and tech-based jobs, with traditional manufacturing jobs giving way to positions in tech firms, startups, and service industries. This shift reflects broader national trends but is also a result of deliberate economic diversification efforts by local government and business leaders.

Business Environment

Spokane offers a supportive environment for businesses, characterized by a collaborative spirit among local businesses, access to funding opportunities, and various initiatives aimed at fostering innovation. Local universities contribute to this ecosystem by providing research, development resources, and a steady stream of graduates ready to enter different sectors.

Growing Startup Culture

The city’s growing reputation as a startup hub can be attributed to its supportive business policies, relatively low operational costs, and quality of life. Annual events and incubator programs designed to support startups and small businesses play a crucial role in this aspect, creating a nurturing environment for new business ventures.

Future Outlook

Looking forward, Spokane’s market is set to continue its trajectory of growth and innovation. With strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing infrastructure, fostering educational excellence, and promoting sustainable practices, Spokane is equipping itself to face the challenges of the future and seize new opportunities. The ongoing expansion in sectors like technology and healthcare is likely to propel the city into new heights of economic diversity and vibrancy.


Spokane’s market trends reveal a dynamic and evolving landscape, ripe with opportunities for business, investment, and employment. Understanding these trends provides valuable insights into the strategic decisions that businesses, investors, and policy-makers need to make in order to harness the potential of this vibrant city.

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