Spokane, the second-largest city in Washington State, presents a dynamic landscape for commercial real estate investment. With its strategic location, growing economy, and vibrant community, Spokane attracts investors and businesses looking to capitalize on its burgeoning market potential.

The Economic Landscape

Understanding Spokane’s economic environment is key to appreciating its commercial real estate opportunities. The city has witnessed consistent economic growth, driven by sectors such as education, health services, and manufacturing. This diverse economic base supports sustained demand in both residential and commercial real estate.

Key Commercial Real Estate Sectors in Spokane

The commercial real estate market in Spokane offers a range of investment opportunities across various sectors:

Retail Spaces

Spokane’s retail landscape is robust, featuring a mix of traditional shopping centers, downtown boutiques, and mixed-use projects that combine retail with other uses. With the increase in population and tourism, locations such as the River Park Square in downtown Spokane have been thriving. Recent developments in the Northgate area also show significant potential due to new housing developments and improved infrastructure.

Office Buildings

The demand for office space in Spokane has been evolving, with a noticeable trend towards flexible and shared office environments. As startups and tech companies continue to rise, there is a higher demand for modern, well-equipped office spaces. Downtown Spokane and the University District are particularly appealing due to their proximity to transit options and other amenities.

Industrial and Warehouse Spaces

Spokane serves as an important hub for distribution and manufacturing given its strategic location close to major routes such as Interstate 90. Areas near the Spokane International Airport and along major highways have seen increased interest in industrial properties, particularly for logistics and warehousing.

Multifamily Properties

The multifamily sector in Spokane has been strong, driven by the city’s growing population and limited housing supply. Neighborhoods like Kendall Yards and the South Hill area are popular for developments, offering both rental and condominium opportunities. Additionally, the city’s focus on revitalization has spurred redevelopment projects and increased the demand for urban living spaces.

Factors Influencing Commercial Real Estate Investments

In addition to understanding the sectors, potential investors in Spokane’s commercial real estate should consider several key factors:

Economic Growth

The local economy’s stability and growth prospects can significantly affect real estate values. Spokane’s government and community leaders are committed to fostering a business-friendly environment, which bodes well for continued economic expansion.

Demographic Trends

Population growth reflects the health of a city and influences real estate demand. Spokane’s population has been steadily increasing, a trend that is expected to continue and drive demand in various real estate sectors.

Regulatory Landscape

Local regulations and policies can impact commercial real estate investment opportunities. Spokane’s officials have initiatives aimed at streamlining permits and reducing regulatory hurdles, which are enticing for investment.


Spokane’s commercial real estate market presents numerous opportunities for investors due to its growing economy, strategic location, and community initiatives. By focusing on robust sectors like retail, office, industrial, and multifamily properties, and keeping an eye on economic, demographic, and regulatory trends, investors can develop effective strategies for entering and thriving in Spokane’s commercial real market.

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