Discover the Rich Mining History
Nestled in the Silver Valley of the Idaho Panhandle, Wallace has a storied past that’s rooted in the rich veins of silver snaking through its surrounding hills. Visitors can delve into this history at the Wallace District Mining Museum, where the tales of miners and the silver rush come to life. Another must-visit location is the Oasis Bordello Museum, which offers a cheeky glimpse into the more colorful aspects of Wallace’s past.

Explore the Sierra Silver Mine Tour
For those looking to experience mining firsthand, the Sierra Silver Mine Tour offers an authentic underground adventure. Don a hard hat and climb aboard the mine cart to be led by retired miners who guide you through the tunnels, share their personal stories and explain the mining techniques of yesteryear.

Ride the Route of the Hiawatha
Outdoor enthusiasts will relish the chance to bike or hike the Route of the Hiawatha, widely recognized as one of the most scenic stretches of railroad in the country. This rails-to-trails project features the historic Milwaukee Railroad’s railroad-bed trail that includes 10 train tunnels and 7 sky-high trestles. The crown jewel is the 1.66-mile-long St. Paul Pass Tunnel, also known as the Taft Tunnel, which burrows beneath the Bitterroot Mountains at the Montana-Idaho border.

Take a Stroll Through Historic Downtown
A leisurely walk through downtown Wallace is like stepping back in time with its entire center listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The well-preserved buildings, dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, house a variety of local businesses from quirky antique shops to charming cafes. Don’t miss the chance to snap a photo at the Center of the Universe, a manhole cover that jokingly claims to mark the epicenter of all existence.

Enjoy Year-Round Outdoor Activities
Wallace serves as a gateway to the great outdoors and offers a plethora of activities regardless of the season. In winter, the nearby Lookout Pass Ski and Recreation Area and Silver Mountain Resort provide excellent skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing opportunities. As the snow melts, these areas become havens for mountain bikers, hikers, and zip-lining adventurers looking to enjoy the Idaho wilderness.

Indulge in Local Brews and Eats
After a day full of exploration, relax and refuel with some local flavors. Wallace has an impressive variety of dining options for a small town, from hearty pub grub to upscale dining. Be sure to visit the Wallace Brewing Company to sample some of the finest craft beers around, or check out the historic bars that line the streets of downtown, offering a taste of local nightlife and camaraderie.

Attend a Festival or Event
Throughout the year, Wallace hosts a number of events and festivals that showcase its unique culture and history. Depending on when you visit, you might catch the Gyro Days and Lead Creek Derby, an event that has been taking place since 1934, or the Huckleberry Festival, where the beloved state fruit is celebrated with great fanfare. The town’s event calendar is packed with unique celebrations that are worth planning your trip around.

Closing Thoughts
Whether you’re a history buff, adventure seeker, or just looking to relax and enjoy the small-town charm, Wallace, Idaho, packs a punch that belies its size. This hidden gem offers an array of attractions and activities that will leave lasting memories for any visitor. With its friendly locals, stunning scenery, and rich cultural tapestry, Wallace should not be overlooked on your next Idaho adventure.