1. The Riverside Grill
Nestled by the banks of the Tucannon River, The Riverside Grill offers a picturesque dining experience that’s well worth a visit. Renowned for its classic American dishes and its homey, rustic atmosphere, it’s a perfect spot for family dinners or a romantic evening out. With locally sourced ingredients and traditional recipes, you can expect hearty portions of comfort food. Their signature burgers and hand-cut steaks are a hit among locals and tourists alike, making this restaurant a central hub in Pomeroy’s culinary landscape.

2. Cazadores Mexican Restaurant
For those craving the flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine, Cazadores Mexican Restaurant is a must-visit spot in Pomeroy. The vibrant décor, complete with colorful murals and traditional ornaments, sets the stage for a festive meal. From their zesty salsa and chips to their savory enchiladas and tacos, each dish is crafted with a dedication to authenticity and taste. Weekly specials and a friendly staff add to the lively atmosphere, ensuring your dining experience is as memorable as it is delicious.

3. Pomeroy Foods & Deli
Pomeroy Foods & Deli is a unique combination of a local grocery store and a deli, making it a one-stop destination for shoppers and food enthusiasts. The deli section serves up delectable sandwiches, freshly made salads, and a variety of savory sides that are perfect for a quick lunch or a picnic in the nearby parks. Their homestyle rotisserie chickens and house-made soups are local favorites, while the warm and welcoming staff make it feel like you’re dining among friends.

4. The Happy Day Cafe
If you’re in search of a cozy café with a welcoming environment and outstanding homemade desserts, The Happy Day Cafe should be at the top of your list. Renowned for its breakfast and brunch menu, this charming spot serves up everything from fluffy pancakes and omelets to scrumptious pies and pastries. Their freshly brewed coffee is the perfect complement to any meal, earning them a reputation as the go-to place for a leisurely morning or an afternoon treat in Pomeroy.

5. Tuxedo Bar and Grill
The Tuxedo Bar and Grill is a staple in the Pomeroy dining scene, known for its friendly service and its selection of American pub fare. A great venue for catching a sports game or unwinding after a long work week, this bar and grill provides both a vibrant atmosphere and a diverse menu—featuring everything from juicy burgers and crispy fries to a range of local craft beers and cocktails. Their lively events and live music nights make it a dynamic spot catering to everyone’s tastes.

Each of these restaurants in Pomeroy, WA offers a unique dining experience, whether you’re after regional comfort food or flavorful international cuisine. Next time you find yourself in this cozy corner of Washington, be sure to check out these local favorites for a meal that will leave a lasting impression.