1. The Lunch Box Deli & BBQ

Nestled at the heart of Lewiston, The Lunch Box Deli & BBQ is a must-visit for aficionados of classic American cuisine with a twist. This family-owned establishment offers a cozy atmosphere and a menu brimming with flavorsome sandwiches, brisket, and their renowned pulled pork that melts in your mouth. Their secret lies in the slow cooking process and homemade sauces that give each dish a unique character. For a taste of Lewiston hospitality and a hearty meal, The Lunch Box Deli & BBQ does not disappoint.

2. Mystic Café

Mystic Café presents a blend of charm and culinary excellence. This café stands out for its farm-to-table approach, ensuring that every dish served is made with the freshest local ingredients. The menu features a range of options, from gourmet breakfasts to sumptuous lunches, perfect for any time of the day. The inviting décor, complemented by the welcoming staff, creates an ambiance that is both relaxing and enchanting. Whether you’re in for a quick coffee or a leisurely meal, Mystic Café promises a memorable dining experience.

3. Bistro Thai & Sushi

For those who enjoy the exotic flavors of Asian cuisine, Bistro Thai & Sushi is a culinary gem in Lewiston. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of authentic Thai dishes and freshly prepared sushi. The Pad Thai and Green Curry come highly recommended and have won the hearts of locals and tourists alike. The sushi rolls are works of art, showcasing not only the skill of the chefs but also the quality of the ingredients used. Bistro Thai & Sushi is the perfect spot for an intimate dinner or a joyous group gathering.

4. Jollymore’s: A Dining Experience

Jollymore’s is a fine dining establishment that lives up to its name, offering an experience that engages all the senses. With a carefully curated menu that comprises the best of local produce and fine wines, diners are treated to a feast that is as visually appealing as it is delicious. The ambiance, characterized by its elegance and sophistication, makes it an ideal choice for special occasions or romantic dinners. Their signature steaks and seafood dishes, combined with impeccable service, have established Jollymore’s as a cornerstone of Lewiston’s culinary scene.

5. Tomato Bros.

Tomato Bros. offers a casual yet lively atmosphere perfect for families and friends who wish to indulge in Italian-American classics. Known for their flavorful pizzas, comforting pastas, and an array of delectable appetizers, this restaurant takes pride in serving meals that feel home-cooked and satisfying. The warm and rustic interior design, accentuated by the aroma of baking pizza, sets the stage for an engaging and enjoyable dining experience. Whether you’re a pizza connoisseur or just in search of a delightful meal, Tomato Bros. stands out as a local favorite.