Discover the Rich History of Wallace

Wallace, Idaho is a picturesque town rich in mining history and heritage. It’s nestled in the scenic Silver Valley of the Panhandle and is recognized as the “Silver Capital of the World”. The town was officially established in 1884, and since then, Wallace’s history has been intrinsically linked to the silver mining industry. It was the prolific silver mining activity that led to the town’s economic boom and its beautiful historic buildings, many of which are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The entire town is also considered a historic district, making it a living museum for visitors and history buffs alike.

Tourist Attractions: From Museums to Outdoor Adventures

The Oasis Bordello Museum:
This museum was once a working bordello that closed abruptly in 1988, and now serves as a time capsule of its era. Visitors can tour the rooms preserved as they were left, providing a unique glimpse into the town’s less spoken history.

Wallace District Mining Museum:
To truly appreciate the town’s origins, a visit to the Wallace District Mining Museum is a must. Engaging exhibits showcase the mining tools, photographs, and stories that highlight the area’s extensive mining past.

Northern Pacific Depot Railroad Museum:
Located in the beautifully restored railroad depot, this museum tells the story of railroading’s impact on the development of the Silver Valley. It’s an essential stop for railroad enthusiasts and history lovers.

Sierra Silver Mine Tour:
No visit to Wallace is complete without experiencing the Sierra Silver Mine Tour. This guided tour takes visitors underground to witness the life of miners and the techniques used to extract silver from the Earth.

Outdoor Recreation:
Wallace serves as a gateway to breathtaking landscapes and outdoor recreations. The Route of the Hiawatha Trail offers a family-friendly bike ride through tunnels and across trestle bridges, while the Pulaski Trail provides an opportunity to hike and learn about the Great Fire of 1910 and the heroic actions of Ed Pulaski.

Celebrations and Events: Experience Wallace’s Vibrant Community Spirit

Wallace’s community calendar is bustling with events that celebrate its history and culture. The town hosts the annual Depot Day, where vintage car shows and street festivities capture the town’s charm. Another notable event is the “Wallace Blues Festival,” which fills the town with the sounds of blues and the joy of dance. The highly anticipated “Huckleberry Festival & 5K Run” celebrates the beloved state fruit with a weekend of music, food, and fun activities.

Dining and Accommodations: Savor and Stay in Style

Wallace offers an array of dining options, from classic American diners to cozy bistros. The culinary scene is peppered with local flavors, and many establishments feature dishes made with fresh, regional ingredients. When it comes to accommodations, visitors can choose from charming bed and breakfast inns, historic hotels, and comfortable motels, many of which are housed in beautifully restored buildings that reflect the town’s unique character and history.

Future Prospects: Wallace Continues to Shine

While Wallace honors its past, the town is also forward-looking. Efforts are continually made to balance historic preservation with modern livability and sustainable tourism. Innovation in this former mining town is still rooted in community efforts to promote heritage tourism and protect its captivating small-town atmosphere. Wallace’s evolution is ongoing, making it an exciting time for visitors to participate in the town’s new chapters.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply in search of small-town charm, Wallace, Idaho offers an experience that is as rich and precious as the silver that built it. Through its many historic attractions, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant community life, Wallace beckons travelers to explore and delight in all it has to offer.