Explore the Charm of WSU Campus
Pullman, WA, may be a small town, but it’s brimming with collegiate energy thanks to Washington State University (WSU). Exploring the campus is a must-do for visitors. As you stroll through the grounds, you can’t miss the iconic Bryan Hall Clock Tower, a symbol of the university’s rich history. The campus also houses several museums and galleries, like the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, which offers a diverse collection of visual arts from around the world. Don’t forget to catch a game at the Martin Stadium or Beasley Coliseum if you’re visiting during sports season!

Take a Hike on the Bill Chipman Palouse Trail
For outdoor enthusiasts, the Bill Chipman Palouse Trail is a scenic pathway that stretches for seven miles between Pullman and neighboring Moscow, Idaho. It’s a serene spot for walking, biking, or jogging, offering remarkable views of the rolling Palouse hills. Along the way, you can spot local wildlife and enjoy the tranquility of the Palouse countryside.

Discover the Palouse Falls State Park
Just a short drive from Pullman is the Palouse Falls State Park where you can witness the breathtaking Palouse Falls. The falls plunge 198 feet into a striking canyon, providing a spectacular photo opportunity. The state park offers multiple viewpoints, picnic areas, and trails. Hiking around the falls allows for a more adventurous exploration, but always stay on marked trails and heed safety signs.

Experience Local Flavors at the Farmers Market
Pullman’s Farmers Market is a lively event that takes place from May to October. It’s the go-to place for fresh produce, locally made crafts, and delicious homemade foods. As you wander through the stalls, you can also enjoy live music and entertainment from local artists.

Enjoy Wine Tasting at Pullman’s Wineries
Washington State is known for its exquisite wines, and Pullman offers several spots for oenophiles to indulge. Local wineries such as Merry Cellars and Wawawai Canyon Winery showcase the region’s viticulture. Visitors can tour the vineyards, learn about the winemaking process, and sample a variety of wines on-site. These tastings provide an intimate look at the craft behind some of Washington’s finest wines.

Educational Fun at the Palouse Discovery Science Center
Perfect for families, the Palouse Discovery Science Center features engaging exhibits and hands-on activities designed to educate and entertain visitors of all ages. Children can play and learn about science and technology in an interactive environment, making it a fabulous educational stop for anyone curious about the world around us.

Get Culturally Enriched at the Pullman Civic Theater
For those interested in the performing arts, the Pullman Civic Theater presents a variety of plays and musicals throughout the year. Whether it’s a comedy, drama, or a family-friendly production, you’re sure to enjoy an evening of live entertainment that highlights local talent.

By incorporating these top activities and attractions into your visit, you’re assured of a memorable experience in Pullman, WA. Whether it’s the lure of academia, the charm of local markets, the thrill of the great outdoors, or a sip of fine wine that draws you here, this small town is poised to offer big surprises.